Technology and Acoustic Design

Reference Midwoofer

The automobile is one of the most common listening room to enjoy music. Therefore it was our goal to design and manufacture the world’s finest automotive loudspeaker system which provide the precision reproduction of pure music without limits. With natural sound, accurate imaging, truthful dynamics and enjoyable performance.


The DEGO Series represent the latest application of new technologies and German engineering refinements. Its design, engineering and sonic attributes bring mobile audio performance to new standards – our Definition of Sound.


New Aluminium Cone Technology

Current aluminium cone speakers are simply conventional designs with an aluminium cone replacing their paper, polypropylene or other material counterparts. The power capacity of these conventional aluminium cones is limited because of break up problems between the edge of the aluminium cone and the rubber surround. Furthermore there are unwanted resonances on the cone material which cause extremely high distortions shown in some peaks in the upper frequency range. The resulting sound is crisp and metallic.


Our DEGO engineers have solved these problems by developing a totally new aluminium cone:

  1. We use an ultra-light, rigid and stiff aluminium membrane specially prepared in an anodizing process, which allows a dramatic increase in sound velocity, or what we call “sonic speed”. That means impulses from the voice coil spread radial to the edge of the aluminium cone for times faster than on other cone materials.
  2. We have optimized the shape of the rubber surrounding. A special adhesive connection the metal cone and the rubber surround guarantee extremely high power handling.
  3. We have computer designed the shape of the aluminium cone using some exactly optimized R.A.C.E. (Resonance Attenuation Cone Embossment) to avoid breaking up resonances at the high frequencies. Therefore the sound is distortion and coloration-free across the entire audio spectrum. The music reproduction is clearly more dynamic, precise and detailed but without any sharpness and metal sound coloration.


Reference Tweeter

The specially coated 1”  (25 mm) silk tweeter is driven by a drilled neodymium magnet system. The holes in the pole plate and the additional air volume reduce the resonance frequency to 710 Hz. The solid steel housing together with the additional air volume guarantee a much better heat conduction than conventional plastic housings.

The low resonance frequency allows us to use the tweeter in lower frequencies. Together with the additional air volume it is not necessary to use any cooling and damping ferro fluid liquid in the air gap of the voice coil. The result is a much richer and more detailed sound performance.



Left above: Conventional neodymium tweeter with ferro fluid cooling. The blue color marked parts show the air volume for moving parts (voice coil and dome). Resonance frequency for this tweeter technology is around 1.6 kHz.

Right above: Newly developed neodymium tweeter with additional volume. The red color marked parts show the much bigger air volume for the moving elements. Resonance frequency for this tweeter is around 710 Hz.


Frequency response: conventional tweeter (blue curve); newly developed tweeter (red curve).



Reference Crossover


This high-end crossover uses a computer optimized topology, superior high-end components with a minimal influence on sound quality, sound level adaption, crossoverpoint adaption and other sophisticated features.

With this multifunctional crossover it is easy to install the loudspeaker set for an optimal and perfectly tuned sound system in any car. The result is a clear audiophile performance with a dramatically improved, more three-dimensional sound stage and an absolutely natural music reproduction.


Reference Crossover for the Reference Master Line and for the upgrade options of the Reference Tweeter