SOaudio SO250 2×2

10-inch subwoofer of the absolute top class – its perfectly tuned drive system makes it extremely fast and dynamic. Deep bass from small, closed and ventilated enclosures. Its dual voice coil with 2 x 2 Ω allows operation with almost any power amplifier.

SOaudio SO165 X

Newly developed midbass speaker for all 2- and 3-way systems. Due to the higher level, due to the 2.8 Ω voice coil, the level difference that occurs in the vehicle due to the installation position in doors or footwell is compensated. Even when operating without a power amplifier, it is clearly superior to many other drivers, whether factory or aftermarket radios. Designed to reproduce dynamic and powerful bass from the volume of a vehicle door.

SOaudio SO165 / 38

SOaudio SO165 – 2.8

SOaudio SO55 NEO

The paired midrange drivers with a very shallow mounting depth of just 19 mm and a mounting diameter of 55 mm are the heart of the SOAudio speaker line.

SOaudio SO29 NEO

SOaudio SO26 NEO

SOaudio SO19 V

The 19 mm tweeter was developed as a compact high-end tweeter with extra volume. The hand-coated silk dome tweeter creates a soft, rich sound reproduction and excellent spatial imaging.

SOaudio SO19 NEO

One of the smallest high-end tweeters in the world with just 34 mm diameter and a depth of 6.7 mm, was developed as a tweeter for high-quality 3-way systems and as an optimal playing partner of the SO55neo.



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